5th Grade

In 5th Grade music class we will…

Read, Sing, Play and Create rhythms using the rhythms ta the quarter note, ti-ti the eighth notes the quarter rest, ties, half note, whole note, tikatika sixteenth notes, syncopation (syn-co-pa), eighth-sixteenth combinations, dotted half notes and new notes including dotted quarter-eighth note combinations (tahm-ti, ti-tahm) and dotted eighth-sixteenth note combinations (tim-ka, ka-tim) in 2, 3 and 4 meter as well as beginning rhythms in compound meter (6/8)

Read, Sing, Play and Create melodies using the pitches of the diatonic scale: including fa and ti

Describe, Perform and Move to demonstrate tempo – presto, allegro, moderato, andante and largo including accelerando and ritardando

Describe, Perform and Move to demonstrate dynamics and articulation.

Describe, Sing, Play, Create and Move to large and small musical forms including Theme and Variations

Identify and Describe instruments as well as soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices

Read music using Absolute Letter Names and play on a soprano recorder

Perform American folk songs, including “The Star Spangled Banner

5th Grade Recorder Pieces 2017