In Kindergarten music class we will…

Experience music through song, musical games, vocal exploration, movement and, later in the year, instruments
Keep the beat, perform the rhythm, demonstrate why they are different
Explore various ways to move in space – in place and traveling, large and small movements, movements at different levels.
Identify and demonstrate 5 different ways we use our voices: Singing, Speaking, Whispering, Calling, and using our Inner voice.
Listen, Perform, Move to and Describe music and sounds that are – same/different, louder/softer, faster/slower, higher/lower, longer/shorter
Begin to practice in tune singing in songs within an acceptable range.
Compare and identify adult and child voices and begin to identify instrument families.

Here are a few great games and resources for Kindergarten musicians:


Going on a Bear Hunt Video – we talk about voice types, speed, and volume with this video. It is also a lot of fun!


ABC Rock – repeat after Mrs. Turner both times


ABC Rock – first time repeat, 2nd time, you go first.


ABC Blues


A Good Old Happy Song – unaccompanied with movements just for fun


A Good Old Happy Song – with accompaniment


Hi-Dee-Roon: Perform movements as the song says.