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Stay at your dash and keep the beat with your feet. Perform the movements in your own space.


Watch this video to learn more about how sound works.

Perform movements along with Mother Gooney Bird.


Song Recordings (Alphabetical)

Apple Tree


Big Eyed Rabbit


Bounce High, Bounce Low


Chicamy Craney Crow


Chicken on the Fencepost


Closet Key


Cut the Cake


Hey, Betty Martin


Hey, Hey Look at Me


Hunt the Cows


Lost My Gold Ring


Lucy Locket


Mouse, Mousie


Nanny Goat


Our Old Sow


Pumpkin, Pumpkin


See Saw Up and Down


Texas, Our Texas


We Are Dancing in the Forest


Yellow Rose of Texas

Star Spangled Banner Fill-In-The-Blank


Tempo Spinner and This Train Recordings


Same or Different Game


Jazz Books


Ukulele Stand By Me Video


Ukulele Don’t Worry Be Happy Video


Ukulele Waka Waka Video


Ukulele Flashlight Video


Ukulele Preacher Video



Perform the movements with the Minnesota Boys Choir members.