2nd Grade

In 2nd Grade music class we will…

Sing, Read, Play and Create rhythms including ta the quarter note, ti-ti the eighth notes, quarter rest and new rhythms – ties and the half note in 2 meter.

Read, Sing, Play and Create melodies using skips, steps, and leaps in the pentatonic scale with the pitches do, re, mi, sol, and la.

Describe and Move to demonstrate dynamics – fortissimo, forte, piano, and pianissimo

Describe and Move to demonstrate tempo – presto, allegro, moderato, andante and largo

Describe, Sing, Play, Create and Move to musical forms in aaba and abac form

Identify and Describe instruments within symphonic instrument families – strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion

Identify and Describe choral voices in unison and ensemble

2nd Graders are learning about tempo (the speed of music). Some terms that we are working on are largo (very slow – a clock’s second hand or slower), andante (a walking speed), moderato (medium – an average amrching speed), allegro (fast – a fast march or jog), presto (very fast).
Can you figure out which piece is which tempo?